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New Year’s Greetings from the Helms family


Our Thanksgiving letter, postponed till Christmas, has now become a New Year’s greeting.

Our family picture, eventually taken, came after bouts of illness and chaos, complete with our three-year-old grandson wiping out on the bricks right as he was making his way to the right spot to pose.

So, now, here we are, finally getting around to posting something. To those who’ve been asking and watching patiently for an update, thanks much!

Our tardiness sketches vividly what our lives are like living with a disability: we cannot be in a hurry. Disability slows us down to a habitual plod, because we can’t reach around all that we did before. We can’t make dozens of Christmas cookies and make sure everyone has the right present or even get our holiday greenery in place and jolly. Instead, we have to make sure that Pete gets his breathing treatments when the weather gets cold and dry, and that he still gets his mat exercises in for physical therapy when our helpers are out for Christmas, and that we are rested enough to take on his overnight care when his night nurse has a winter cold. Doesn’t always feel Christmas-y.

Still, the Lord gives us everything He has for us. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by our tortoise-style pace. In fact, He multiplies our time to us.

So when our three children, their spouses, our three grandchildren, and some nieces and nephews spent days with Doug, Peter and me over the holidays, somehow, the four dozen eggs, the 24 cups of coffee, and the pounds of bacon untold were scrambled, brewed and fried up every day. Everyone pitched in cheerily to make it happen. They keep it from falling on our shoulders. And our faithful mat session team showed up to help even on Christmas Eve. Likewise, a dear friend from church baked several dozen cookies to give me a supply to share with neighbors and night nurses, so that I can have a way of reaching out to others over the holidays. What can we give that we are not given?!

Our slowness keeps us aware that our own resources are not what moves us forward. We only must hold up the staff: the Lord parts the waters. What a chance to stand still and see the marvelous works made possible when He invades our world!

The Scripture says that the redeemed of the Lord must tell where and when and in what manner this redemption has occurred. This New Year, Lord willing, my aim is to post monthly to testify how the Lord’s Christmas incarnation and subsequent work brings us along. We want to lift him up and encourage others who are slowed with the burden of disability or grief, because, the Lord GOD says, “Behold, I am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion, a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation: ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’” Isaiah 28:16


News and Updates

To Peter’s faithful prayer warriors, news and updates:

So, the year of 2015 jumped off to a much better start than 2014 did. We are settled into our new home. It works very well for Peter’s needs and for ours. Not only did the Lord answer our prayers for a more suitable home, but as well, he has provided already a young man to come live with us! (Remember this prayer request from last year?) Joe is a college student who also goes to our church, and he has been a good fit with us and Peter. Between this young man and three others that the Lord has sent into our lives–people who love Peter and care for him with a standard of excellence–Peter’s needs are well-covered right now. This is such a provision to us, and I am so glad I have the time and space to write you how the Lord brought us through to this point.

Last year was somewhat discouraging, as we lost caregiver after caregiver over the months, and we had to pack up and move–always a major stressor–at the same time. I am not sure all that the Lord wants to teach us during those kinds of times, as it was super tiring and sparse in comfort. But I have learned that the greatest prayer the Lord can answer on our behalf is to keep us faithful unto death. James 5:11 tells us that we can consider a person blessed by the Lord when he remains faithful under trial. The same sentiment shows up in Psalm 119:56, which indicates the Lord’s blessing on a person sparkles, not when everything is going well, but when he obeys the Lord’s precepts faithfully.

It appears evident the Scripture views faithfulness as the big catch, not freedom from being inconvenienced, or freedom from pain and suffering, or even freedom to have an easy time of doing what we think God wants us to do. How we have been blessed if the Lord keeps us faithfully on the path, doggedly so, in spite of setbacks and hardships!

Now that these provisions are in place, we don’t put our hope in them, but in the Lord’s faithfulness to us to keep us faithful in plenty or in want. However, I am hopeful that I will have more opportunities to write for this blog, because there are other things I think the Lord is giving to us that I want to share. So, more soon, Lord willing.

Learning to live to hear the “well-done,”
Selah (for Doug, Peter, and the family)

Thank You!

We really appreciate all who contributed to the support fund for Peter’s care. It will go a long way towards getting more care providers to help dad and mom as they shoulder the burden for Peter’s care. Through the generosity of many of you, we raised about $24,000. Praise the Lord for His provision and faithfulness!

Summer Update

Thank you (again) to all of you who keep us in your regular prayers. We think the Lord has answered our collective prayers regarding a house! (See previous update posted on Good Friday.) We signed a contract on a house two weeks ago, which seems to be the Lord’s provision for our needs with Peter. Our four criteria included:

1. a house with more parking, for everyone who comes and goes, 2. a cheerful, ample room for Peter, 3. quarters for helpers to live with us to help with Peter, and 4. provision that would allow more privacy for Doug and me.

The Lord led us to a house that not only fulfilled these functions, but is also winsome, attractive and comfortable. We are really excited and grateful for it.

Next, although the new house includes a bedroom for our new helpers, the room is small, so we hoping to add another room onto the house so that our students will be comfortable and stick around for longer. You can pray that the Lord would: give us ease of transition into the new house and help us to sell our current house. There are several minor repairs and renovations that need to be done in both houses, and it will be a stretch to our sanity and schedule to get everything going and care for Peter at the same time. You can also pray that when we get the setup ready, the Lord will send young men of character into our home who will be eager to invest in Peter’s care.

In the meantime, know that you prayer warriors are appreciated and welcome in the Helms’ lives and homes! May all the homes of the Lord’s people be the “shadow of a mighty rock within a weary land, a home within the wilderness, a rest upon the way, from the burning of the noontide heat, and the burden of the day.”

Beneath the cross of Jesus,
Selah for the Helms family

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