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Mom’s Book Release! — That Your Faith May Not Fail, Peter’s Sermon, by Selah Helms

We are grateful to the Lord to announce the release of Peter’s book, a story of his life, our journey with him the last five years, and the sustaining grace of our great God!

That Your Faith May Not Fail, Peter’s Sermon, by Selah Helms is available on Amazon for $16.99. For you prayer warriors who’ve sustained us, we would like to make the book available at a discount. Private message Selah Helms on Facebook if you are interested.

Here are some of the reviews that have come in so far:

“a true love story between a family and their God . . .” – Barb Stewart

“. . . a poignant and moving account of God’s faithfulness in the midst of great challenge and serious struggle. . . . .  Highly recommended!” – David S. Dockery, Ph.D – President, Trinity International University

“This book tells the story of fiery trials, tested faith, and the Lord’s sustaining grace in the lives of a godly family who were entrusted with a severe mercy. That Your Faith May Not Fail is a stirring account of how God’s strength is made perfect in weakness, of how our light momentary afflictions are preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” –Brian Hedges, pastor, Fulkerson Park Baptist Church

“Selah Helms . . . has written a captivating book that I could hardly put down. The story is gripping and God-honoring as Selah and her husband Doug and their children grapple with the events of Peter’s accident and afterwards. This is one book you will want to read. I highly recommend it.” – Martha Peace, Biblical Counselor and author of The Excellent Wife

“. . . .This moving account of how they have and are walking through the ordeal of Peter’s suffering is truly powerful. I was challenged and encouraged by reading it. I found myself yearning to know God more richly, to trust Him more fully, to love my family more deeply, and to immerse myself more completely into God’s Word. I urge you to read this book and pass it on to others because it will be useful in building up believers and calling people to faith in Jesus, as it recounts how this family has found God faithful as they have been held fast by the great gospel truths.” – Ray Van Neste, Ph.D, Director of the R.C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies and Professor of Biblical studies, Union University

“This resource will stimulate the reader to view the sanctity of life through the lens of scripture concurrently with providing practical helps for any woman to assume the biblical role of caregiver.  Knowing the Helms family personally, I can affirm that they daily model their trust in their heavenly Father and His sovereignty that the book so clearly presents regardless of the outward circumstances.” – Patricia A. Ennis, Ph. D, CFCS – Distinguished Professor of Homemaking and Director of Homemaking Programs,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“I am abundantly grateful to the LORD for the inspiring privilege to read That Your Faith May Not Fail. . . .In the midst of a culture that speaks of “quality of life” issues and devalues suffering, the Helms’ God-given testimony speaks like a megaphone. Our belief system tells us that Peter has been used of the LORD to teach others to sacrificially love. In the midst of skepticism about the value of the Church he has been used by our LORD to show the beauty of the body of Christ in action. In the midst of the degradation of the American family, He has allowed the Helms family to model its tremendous depth and beauty. Please feed your soul and reinforce your theology by reading this book.” – Ernie Baker, D.Min, Professor of Biblical Counseling The Master’s College

The New House

Here is the house God provided for us! We are still amazed at how all of the details came together and how perfect the house is for our needs regarding Peter and seeking out live-in help. Recently, we were given a $1000 gift card to Home Depot and someone else volunteered their labor to create the bedroom addition we are planning for our live-in help. Now we just need someone to draw up the plans. So I’m sure there will be more pictures to come as we get more settled in and are able to set up our system for help.

For now, we wanted to share some pictures of Peter’s new bedroom and some of the favorite spots he enjoys in the house! Aside from the second story, the entire house is pretty much wheel chair accessible, including ramps.


This is the sun room, one of Peter’s favorite spots in the house! Our previous house didn’t have very many windows, and not really any that Peter could see out of, so it is a treat for Peter to be able to look out even when he can’t be outside. We do his therapy sessions in here, and you can also see his standing frame over on the right. One of the therapists said that Peter loves to look out of the window so much, that when they do therapy together he has to turn Peter away from the windows or Peter won’t pay attention!


This is Peter’s standing frame which holds him in a standing position.


Peter relaxing in the recliner just before dinner.


In Peter’s room we painted a chalkboard wall so we could write encouraging notes for him to see while he is in bed, as well as any care provider notes that need to be made. We then hung some of Peter’s art as well as other art that Peter grew up around that might stimulate memory and create a familiar environment for him.




This is a sculpture Peter made before his accident. We keep it close to put in his hands and stimulate his memory.


Peter’s room is so much bigger here at the new house, and it is so nice to have so much room for storing all of the medical supplies and move his wheel chair around!



This is the bed for whoever spends the night in Peter’s room taking care of him.


Peter now has his own wheel chair accessible bathroom and shower right off the bedroom. This gives more privacy for his care needs since it is not the main bathroom in the house.



Notes are posted on the door for Peter’s caretakers about his medical needs.



Even the backyard is wheelchair accessible! Peter loves to spend time on this patio. As you can see there is plenty of room for an addition to the house and we hope to be able to share more details about that as it comes together.


The next step will be finding people to live with us in exchange for helping with Peter’s care. Please pray this need will be filled soon! If anyone is interested, please contact us.

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